Coffee Creek Farmers Market  is in its sixth year of operation.  We pride ourselves on being the first 'Producer Only' farmers market in Porter County and sole market in all of NWI  to have such standards.  That means that ALL vendors grow, make, produce, and create the products for sale.  Vendors include local farmers, specialty food producers, food trucks, and artisans.


We do have exceptions, such as local fruit and sweet corn,  

in which case the item will include the farm of origin.

   The 'Producer Only' model is important to small local businesses because the true cost of production is often significantly different compared to 'big box style businesses'.  Think of a small local coffee shop compared to Dunkin' Donuts.  By only accepting 'Producers' we create a more appropriate retail setting for our local community Farmers Market.  

The perks of supporting our Farmers Market:

 1)  You often engage with the business owner.  They are more knowledgeable, carry a passion for what they do, and provide better customer service.

 2)  You learn about and directly engage with your community: We all belong to NWI and together we grow, sustain, and discover what The Region is all about!

 3)  Your supports affects our Community, both socially & economically!            


The Market is owned and operated by Native Roots Farm, 501c3....a separate entity from the farm itself.  Coffee Creek Farmers Market has been a major success in working toward its Mission:

          To promote the  development of a local sustainable food system.