Community Sponsorships

Grow with us

Here's why sponsoring the Market is good for your business:

  • Coffee Creek Farmers Market is in its 7th season - we're here for the long haul.

  • 90% of our producers are with us for the whole season at the Market.

  • 300-400 customers with their weekly produce and locally produced food and goods. 

  • Many customers purchase market tote bags, where they see them every day or every week.

  • Our customers are loyal and engaged in what we do and what we have to say.  Our weekly emails are opened by over 40% of our email list recipients, more than double the national average of 16% for email promotions. 

  • We have over 5,500 followers on social media.  

  • We are on community calendars that reach over 20,000 people.

Your sponsorship of the Coffee Creek Farmers Market not only supports local food and community in an important way, but it is a good investment for your own marketing efforts.  Our customers trust us to bring them healthy local options, and seeing your name at our Market will mean a lot to them.  Join us this season as a Sponsor!  See below for sponsorship options.

A community sponsorship is a way for You to directly support our Farmers Market initiative to bring a local, sustainable food system to the community. We take pride in being the only Producer Only Farmers Market in Porter County and we do so with your support!

Joy of Harvest

Sponsorship Levels

Our pre-season sponsorship drive has ended.  Email us at to learn how you can sponsor the Coffee Creek Farmers Market throughout the season.