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5 Benefits to buying local produce at a farmers market

Health, convenience, and strengthening your community are just the beginning!

Root veggie goodness: carrots, turnips, beets, and radishes.

Why buy local produce from local farmers, at a farmers market? Besides being a fun place to visit, what are some of the benefits to YOU? Read on to find out:

  1. Freshly harvested produce is at its peak nutrients. Most of our produce at the market is harvested either the day before the market, or the MORNING OF THE MARKET. The sooner you eat produce after harvest, the more nutrients you get! Can you say that about your California berries or tomatoes?

  2. In a related point, because your produce from the market is so recently harvested, it will last much longer in your fridge or on your countertop. We know that you want to run home and eat it all, but if you don't get to it right away, it will likely last you longer than the same produce you got from the grocery store.

  3. When you get produce from a farmers market, you are more likely to try something different that your farmer recommends to you. The white turnips in the photo above (called Tokyo turnips by some of our vendors and salad turnips by others) are juicy and sweet, and may be new to some customers. Give them a try! You just might love them!

  4. If you have questions about any of the produce items you see, you can just ask the person who grew it! They're standing right there! Ask about their process, how to prepare the item, why they farm, whatever! And your purchase supports them as they support their family and their employees.

  5. Locally produced food that is in season uses fewer chemicals and water than foods that are produced in places and at times when they are not naturally grown. So you can feel good that your food used our precious limited resources wisely.

Get fresh vegetables, dried herbs, and even herb and vegetables plants for your own garden at the farmers market! Our market runs from April 22-November 2, 2022, and then our virtual market begins.

You can see an expert talking about these topics, from Madison, WI, here.

Find us this week and every week at our Wednesday market at the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve Pavilion parking lot, April 20-November 2, 2022, from 3-7 PM. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for our mailing list to get notified of all of the vendors' featured products each week.

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