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A week of meals from the farmers market

Create your market shopping list after you craft your weekly menu!

Roasted zucchini with herbs and parmesan, on Olive and Herb Focaccia, topped with arugula.

By Kat Peters, Market Manager

How do you plan your meals for the week? Do you like to be spontaneous? Plan down to the letter? In my busy life my husband and I like to eat delicious food that ticks our boxes of healthy, creative, and tasty. So we make a weekly menu and develop our shopping list from that.

I have noticed lately how we can go most of the week with items only purchased from the market. So I thought I'd create a week's worth of menu items for you, in case you'd like to try eating only farmers market items all week!

You'll notice the menu starts with Wednesday, since that's the day of the market. You can eat out with us that night, and even get some prepared items to take home. Find an abbreviated shopping list after that. Don't forget your flowers, plants, soap, and pet supplements, too!

A quick shopping list, from our regular vendors, starting at the entrance and going clockwise around the market:

Mitzner Meats: Ground beef, soup bone, chorizo

Yaggy Road: Your favorite coffee

At Whisk's End: English muffins, granola, chocolate chip cookies

BNutty: your favorite peanut butter

Albano's Pasta: your favorite pasta, frozen for later

Bao's Pastry: Croissant, Macaroons

Lambstone Cellars Winery: Your favorite red and white wines

Small Hands Homestead: Don't forget your flowers and soap for a happy home!

Water & Wheat: Chikun, Vegan ribs

The Rolling Stonebaker: Pizza at the market!

House of Rufus: Bagels, sandwich loaf, brownie!

H&H Flowers: Some perennial color for your garden!

hONEy of a Kind: Vegan scones, cupcakes,

Kajers Greens: Swiss chard, berries, tomatoes, kale

Southlake Holistics: bone broth and golden paste for your pets with inflammation issues

Native Roots Farm: Zucchini, lettuce, basil, potatoes, cucumber

Just a few ideas for your week. Enjoy!

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