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What customers love about the market

We surveyed you, and you told us what you love about the market! Here are the results from that question from our Fall 2022 Survey.

Thank you to all who participated in our fall survey! We continue to crunch the numbers. We also take seriously suggestions you made, and ideas you shared about what else to offer at the market next season.

For now, we are relishing the love as we close out 2022, and we hope that you know that we love you, too. Without futher ado, What you love about the market:

Easy to get there, park & shop. Nice assortment of vendors

Friendliness of vendors

Fresh produce and the hours it was open

Being outside with the locals.

I liked that the market was small but still had great vendors

It’s length of time-longer [season] than any other market

Variety and amount of vendors


I love attending this market for a couple of reasons. One is the time. Not many markets are available in the evenings. I look forward after a long day of work to support local artisans and farmers with a hearty, healthy meal. Even if it means coming directly from work (Schererville to Chesterton). Second reason is availability. Regardless of weather, I can always rely on this market. Lastly would be vendors/offerings. Many other "markets" don't offer much in regards to fruit and vegetables. This market is the only consistent one to offer such.

The variety of vendors


Various food trucks

Everything and the variety. The bingo game.

Variety of vendors

Loved all the vendors

Everything! Truly, the vendors were very friendly, and selections were fresh.

The types of vendors

Love seeing all the videos and posts on Facebook. Also all the produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables

I’ve loved it every year

All products grown by vendors, no reselling grocery. Pre-orders from some vendors were easy.


You really generated excitement increasing market attendance so that more vendors will come out. Also love the mushroom guy and hope that he comes every week.

All the different vendors

Great Vendors with good information on what they are selling.

Friendly vendors

Friendly people, rain or shine always there, dependable, email of vendors who will be there

Food truck

Great vendors! Nice people

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