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What is your why?

Why do you shop at the Coffee Creek Farmers Market?

We think about our why a lot. When it’s rainy or hot, or we just feel tired, it would be easy to just not show up. But all of us at the market are so motivated to be there every week, for so many reasons! We're really not lying when we say it's our happy place.

We want to make a living and we’re all pretty grateful we get to do that by pursuing our passion. We want to connect with you. We want local food to be plentiful, high quality, and accessible to everyone. We want a strong local community.

This season on the blog we have covered some of the reasons that we are here at the market for you. Here’s a little review in case you missed a post – there are plenty more too, which you can explore here.

We want to hear from you about your why! Why do you like to attend the market? As you think about what you love about CCFM, consider sharing it on social media and asking your friends to support us by voting for us as their favorite farmers market in the American Farmland Trust Farmers Market Celebration. Or ask them to vote for their own favorite!

Join us every week through November 2 this year. You can find us on Wednesdays from 3-7 PM at 178 E Sidewalk Dr., Chesterton, Indiana.

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