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The perks of supporting our Farmers Market:

 1) Fresh is Best!  Much of what is grown, baked, or prepared is coming to straight to you within a day or two of harvest or preparation.

2) You often engage with the business owner whom are more knowledgeable, carry a passion for what they do, and provide better customer service.

3) Farmers Markets are one of the most financially accessible ways for new entrepreneurs to trial their small business plan and grow into a community asset.

4) Eating seasonally is just more FUN!  Yes, it's always nice to get your weekly staples at the grocery store, but seasonal life is so much more nourishing when in-season menu items make your kitchen and cooking extra delicious and also healthier.

5)  Nearly 50% more of your dollars stay within your community when you support a local small business versus a nonlocal business.  That's local families supporting other local families.

Eat Locally, Shop Seasonally

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